We take pride in offering a wide range of specialized advisory and legal services that cater to the diverse sub-industries within the energy, cleantech and sustainability sectors. Our commitment is to support your business by providing tailored solutions and expert guidance in the following areas.

Legal Services

Blending the foundational principles of law with intricate industry insights, our legal services are meticulously tailored to cater to the unique demands of your business. Here’s how our specialized offerings can empower your enterprise:

  • Strategic Business Ventures. Whether you’re exploring a strategic acquisition, initiating a joint venture, or navigating the nuances of share and asset sale, our counsel ensures you make informed, strategic decisions. We’re also highly adept at facilitating collaborative research and development endeavors, forming partnerships, and guiding other strategic alignments.
  • Commercial Frameworks and Contracts. Pivoting from product launch to forging robust partnerships, our team structures, drafts and negotiates a comprehensive spectrum of commercial agreements including license agreements, distribution agreements, professional service agreements, bespoke Technology-as-a-Service agreements, emissions reduction purchase agreements (ERPAs), power purchase agreements (PPAs), renewable energy certificate (REC) agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and much more.
  • Capital Raising and Compliance. The labyrinth of financing can be daunting. We’re here to steer you through, be it equity pursuits, debt instruments, securities law regulatory compliance, or taking the leap to go public.
  • Corporate Architecture and Governance. Every organization’s backbone is its structure and governance. Our experts delve deep, offering counsel on everything from the genesis of your corporate entity to intricate shareholder dynamics and compliance landscapes.
  • Conflict Management and Regulatory Interface. Commercial disputes can be arduous. We champion your interests, from proactive dispute resolution to navigating communications with regulatory stakeholders.

Industry-Specific Guidance

Cleantech commercial endeavors, energy efficiency drives, or charging infrastructure developments, our guidance bridges gaps:

  • Commercial support spanning the multitude of cleantech subindustries to integrate sustainable technologies with real-world commerce in an economically viable manner.
  • Knowledge on carbon pricing mechanisms and disclosure standards (international, national, sub-national, and regional) including lower carbon and clean fuel standards (including the EU FQD, the California LCFS, the BC LCFS, and the Canada CFR).
  • Expertise in oil and gas transportation that facilitates the robust functioning of energy infrastructure and services.
  • Insights for power generation and transportation that are adaptable, be it for distributed energy systems, microgrids or large-scale power grids.
  • Guidance on the generation, marketing and transportation of waste-to-energy, biogas, and hydrogen products.

Environmental Expertise

As sectors such as carbon trading and offsetting, water and resource management, and wastewater treatment grow in importance, our expertise provides:

  • GHG emission offset strategies that are relevant for both cleantech innovations and conventional energy transitions.
  • Sustainability advisory areas such as regenerative agriculture to green packaging.
  • Climate change policy, transition frameworks and transition advisory services for every facet, be it grid optimization or sustainable supply chains.
  • Carbon footprint management & reduction solutions and guidance for industry.
  • Nature-based climate solutions (NCS) in forest, agricultural, grassland, wetland, and marine ecosystems.

Financial Expertise

With green finance rising in prominence and various energy, cleantech and sustainability projects seeking funding, our financial offerings are broad-spectrum:

  • Capital raises strategies suitable for everything from water purification innovations to waste-to-energy technologies.
  • Financial and operations accounting that is aligned with the specific needs of your industry whether it be carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), or solar panel technology.
  • Corporate due diligence processes that ensure operations are vetted, whether it’s in sustainable manufacturing or sustainable agriculture.

Enterprise Strategy Solutions

Across renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biofuels, or in budding sectors like carbon, capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), our solutions deliver:

  • Operational enhancements to maximize efficiency.
  • Business strategies that cater to the unique needs of energy production and transportation, including from solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, ocean thermal, tidal, wave, biomass, biofuel, chemical and conventional sources.
  • Risk management and insights that take into account the challenges in evolving areas like energy storage and hydrogen technology.

Project Leadership

Whether it’s guiding cleantech innovations, deployment of EV charging infrastructure, or water purification and desalination projects, our holistic approach covers management, engineering, and procurement, ensuring a streamlined and successful project lifecycle.


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