Jim Cormack


About Jim Cormack

  • Corporate Board and Senior Management level reporting of Environmental risk
  • Greenhouse gas strategic planning
  • Corporate Environment, Health and Safety governance
  • Environmental compliance process
  • Environment, Health and Safety audit
  • Management System development and governance
  • IT tool and business process evaluation
  • Greenhouse gas technology evaluation and risk mitigation
  • Methane emission measurement and facility management programs
  • Air Pollutant planning and permitting
  • Oil and Gas industry association collaboration
  • More than ten years of representing industry issues directly with policy makers, industry associations, and the public

Jim’s consulting work focuses on Environmental Management, Regulation and Risk with a focus on pragmatic achievement of a client’s objectives.

With more than 25 years of experience in the oil, gas, and energy sectors, Jim is a seasoned energy industry leader with a strong understanding of the complexities of stakeholder concerns; combined with a comprehensive background in corporate business process management.

Jim is an internationally recognized GHG policy and operations expert with extensive experience in reporting Environmental Risk to energy industry senior management and a Corporate Board. Jim has a client-first focus in the areas of strategic planning, risk assessment, business process improvement, and governance activities for all aspects of Environmental Management.

Jim also participates in Canadian and U.S. multi-stakeholder policy discussions on Environmental legislation.

Jim is a past Chair of the Canadian Energy Partnership for Environmental Innovation as well as a past Chair of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America’s committee for Environment, Health and Safety.